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Hospice Questions Answered - Final Thoughts

Updated: Apr 23

I hope you have found this series informational and educational.


Education and be informed about hospice care in order to make good decisions when the time comes.

Patients can leave hospice at any time for any reason, temporarily or permanently. Some patients improve on hospice and may be released for a period of time if they are doing better. Some patients opt to try a new treatment or may need hospitalization because they need professional hospital care for something going on with them. They will be released until they stop treatment or the reason for hospitalization has rendered them safe to return home.

Hospice is generally covered under insurance plans and is definitely covered under Medicare. Nursing care, health aides, counselors and more are covered as are many medications and durable goods needed for the patient to be comfortable and safe at home.

Hospice works with patient families to train and educate them in helping their loved one.

Patients may continue tube feedings or IV nutrition at home with hospice.

Patients can keep their personal physician if the physician is agreeable.

A doctor or nurse is on-call 24/7 to aid in emergencies or difficult situations.

When a person passes, only one phone call needs to be made – to hospice. They will then coordinate services as specified when the patient signed on to hospice.

Let your loved one know what you want should you come to a point where you are near end of life. Be prepared!

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